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Why Seo will not work in most cases? – Increase traffic on your Website and Blog with Shortcut Techniques – Part 3

Why Seo will not work in most cases 


Seo will not work in most cases why? simply because the search engines are making it tough for SEO people to optimize websites.

google algorithm 2018
 Increase traffic on your Website and Blog with Shortcut Techniques

Even today you need a very solid team or an expert SEO person to make your website or blog rank high. Also, these services are getting costlier by each passing day.

One other reason is that search engines constantly change their search algorithms. So maybe you hire an SEO expert and he somehow manages to take your website on top for the required keyword. How long do you expect it to remain there?. For all those who still do not agree with me my advice to them is make longer SEO plans and look for companies who offer these plans.

Why search engines change their algorithm

How many times you have heard this “To speak one lie you have to speak another” same thing has happened with search engines. Every time they realize that their perfect and often much-praised algorithm is not working properly or perfectly they come out with another.

Goggle Panda

Well, they have brought the panda now you can look for an elephant, lion or tiger. It was brought out in 2011 with an aim to raise some lower ranking websites and to stop the link farms that were going all around.
Now what they will do against social exchanges, traffic exchanges and another type of exchanges well you have guessed it right they will announce a new algorithm.
The working of SEO takes time and lot of patience but if you want some direct traffic to your website it will take time for Google to search you and even if you are on the top today you will find it takes less time to fall down then to climb up.



Increasing your ranking on Google and other search engines isn’t complex, but it does take effort. If you want to increase your website ranking on search engine results pages, begin by implementing the on-page optimization and the off-page optimization techniques you’ve learned in this book. One question I seem to get quite often is, “How long does it take?” This is a difficult question to answer because it’s relative. If you’re trying to optimize for a keyword phrase like “eating blueberries on a Sunday afternoon,” it will happen quickly, requiring simple on-page optimization and just a few articles with links back to your website. On the other hand, if you are trying to optimize for a competitive term, and the top-ranked website has hundreds of incoming links, it can take a number of months to reach number one on Google. I can tell you from experience that more often than not, you’ll put in a lot of effort and it will appear as nothing is happening or only small shifts in results are occurring. But stay focused. All of a sudden…wham! Your site will jump up in the search results unexpectedly. Stay the course and I guarantee you’ll see results. Many fail because they give up too soon. Regardless of where you’re starting from, the key is persistence. These are the same techniques I’ve used to achieve top positions on Google for almost every keyword and keyword phrase that is important to my websites. Visualize your goal and take deliberate steps toward improving your search engine result placements daily and before long you will be exactly where you want to be— dominating the world’s largest search engine.

Money Making Strategies

We now have a solid understanding of cloaking, how a search engine works, content generation, software to avoid, software that is pure gold and even link building strategies. So how do you pull all of it together to make some money?

the traffic you send it. You load up your money keyword list, set up a template with your ads or offers, then send all of your doorway/cloaked traffic to the index page. The Landing Page Builder shows the best possible page with ads based on what the incoming user searched for. Couldn’t be easier, and it automates the difficult tasks we all hate.


Affiliate Marketing

We all know what an affiliate program is. There are literally tens of thousands of affiliate programs with millions of products to sell. The most difficult part of affiliate marketing is getting well qualified targeted traffic. That again is where good software and cloaking comes into play. Some networks and affiliates allow direct linking. Direct Linking is where you set up your cloaked pages with all of your product keywords, then redirect straight to the merchant or affiliates sales page. This often results in the highest conversion rates, but as I said, some affiliates don’t allow Direct Linking. So, again, that’s where Landing Pages come in. Either building your own (which we are far too lazy to do or by using something like Landing Page Builder which automates everything for us. Landing pages give us a place to send and clean our traffic, they also prequalify the buyer and make sure the quality of the traffic sent to the affiliate is as high as possible. After all, we want to make money, but we also want to keep a strong relationship with the affiliate so we can get paid.

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