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How to Earn Money From Youtube? and How much You Can Earn From YouTube?

My Youtube Experience

Hey guys Welcome to my Blog.Today I am going to share with you my personal experience with youtube.Last year youtube monetization was enabled after 10k views. I completed this rule within 20 days (ALHAMDULILLAH).

After Monetization Enabled I uploaded about 62 videos and February to December 27 i earned about 63 dollars.I was too short than my efforts and times though i was spending my times with youtube but on 28th December I got a mail and it shows me that my account has been suspended due to invaild activies .

I was astonised but even my 63 dollas was also suspended totally my whole effort has turn in to zero.
But youtube pays a lot if you will have a good amout of aurdience



How to Earn Money From Youtube
How to Earn Money From Youtube
how to earn money with youtube


How Much Money do YouTubers

Get Paid Per 1000 Views?

Well, there a variety of ways to earn on YouTube. But in this post we will specifically be looking at how much YouTubers make per 1000 views using the Google AdSense platform and sponsored ads.

How Does YouTube Pay You For Your Videos?

First of all.
YouTube doesn’t pay you for your video views. Google does. Yes, Google owns YouTube so I guess you could say it’s the same thing.
YouTubers make their income based on the advertisements that people watch during their videos.
When posting a video online, YouTube publishers are offered the option to play advertisements in their videos.
If they select yes, the video then provides revenue based on how many people view the ads it displays
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